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Established in 1978.


We are a privately owned pharmaceutical company committed to building healthy families for the nation. Farmex Meyer Limited was incorporated as Farmex Limited by the original owners, Merck AG of Darmstadt, Germany on 5th June 1978.

It commenced operations on 17th July 1982 and was officially commissioned by the then Honorable Minister of Health Dr. Daniel C. Ugwu on 27th October, 1982. The company was acquired by Omega Meyer Limited, Channel Island and Global Products (Holding) Limited, British Virgin Island in 1991.

At the Annual General Meeting of Farmex Limited held on 27th May, 2004 the members approved the change of the company’s name from Farmex Limited to Farmex Meyer Limited

Our Mission

To soar to higher height in the production of high quality pharmaceutical products at affordable prices while maintaining optimum returns for stakeholders.

our Vision

To be committed to building healthy families for the nation through the production of affordable pharmaceutical products.

our core values

The bedrock of value system by which our Modus Operandi is found in the legacy of our founder Merck AG which is deeply rooted in Compassion, Integrity and Respect.


The company had just two products when E Merck sold its shares. Currently, the company has over Thirty-Five brands, categorized into:

Eighty- Eight percent of Farmex Meyer Limited shareholding is owned by foreigners and Twelve percent by Nigerians. With continuous support from British owners, Farmex Meyer has been flourishing with popular range of products.